Property Management
Potomac Management Group provides superior management services for conventional condo, townhome, single family home or multi-family properties.

We have an exceptional track record and unparalleled expertise in finding innovative solutions and creating win-win situations. Potomac Property Management will prepare your property for rent, market your property successfully in today’s competitive market, secure qualified tenants, handle all maintenance issues all while protecting your investment and maximizing the return on that investment.

Our goal at Potomac is to create and maintain a financial success for your property while freeing you from the daily management tasks. You will find that Potomac is one of the fastest growing and most advanced company in the district, Maryland & Virginia consistently providing clients with management solutions that help their properties operate smoothly, increase desirability and enhance investment value. When you partnership with us, you may enjoy the benefit of being a property owner without having to deal with the headaches that sometimes accompany the management of your investment.

We make it our business to find a positive experience for our owners, tenants and associations. We look forward to hearing from you to schedule an appointment to tour your space and answer your questions.

Invest in Real Estate, Investors Resources

Whether you’re just getting started in real estate investing or you’re an experienced investor looking to purchase additional properties,  Potomac has some incredible services available for you.

Benefits of using our expertise

  • Familiarity with the market on both sales & rental side
  • Pools of realtors who specialize in investment property
  • Pools of general and sub-contractors
  • We own investment properties in the area
  • We are active real estate investors
  • One stop shop – purchase, lease and manage your investment with us
Agent Referral Program

One of the ways Potomac Management Group continues to grow is by providing exceptional and professional Property Management Services to the Real Estate Agent community. In this organization, we truly value our partners in the real estate community and rely on you for property management referrals. You can list the home and we will manage it after an application is received or we can take over the listing and management aspect. Either way we are flexible to work with.

They will always be your client

When you refer us a client, they are linked to you via our management software. Typically, we are the first to find out if they’re thinking of selling. At that point you will be notified immediately. Clients are always yours, we are just here with their management needs until they are ready to list.

We pay too!

When you refer us a leasing and management account, we will pay a referral fee of 25% of first month’s rent. If you just want us to manage the property, we will compensate you 2 month of management fee. Just bring us the rental application and lease. We are here to create a win-win situation.