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At Potomac Management Group, we treat your home as our own

We are in the business of promoting, protecting and enhancing the value of your investment.

We offer a wide range of property management services to fit your needs as an investor, and tailor our services to ensure that you have the highest level of service for your home.


Property Analysis

Every listing strategy begin with the right understanding of market fundamentals. Our work begins by preparing and pricing your property for rent. This process involves recommending a rental price based on our extensive analysis done by our internal leasing agents and using available outside resources. We consider market comparable properties, the current market conditions, absorption rates for your neighborhood, amenities of your property, and it’s as-is condition.


Tenant Marketing

Marketing is our expertise! Potomac Management Group market properties by methods that have been proven latest & effective. We use our proven method to design and implement a marketing campaign for your property. We use the most advanced marketing tools and eye catching signs. From the time you say go, we work quickly to get the marketing campaign up and running.


Screening & Lease Preparation

Our systematic screening includes comprehensive credit, criminal, employment and rental reference checks, aided by advanced technology that improves accuracy and speed, to ensure highly qualified tenants. In addition, we also conduct in-person or phone interview before we give you our recommendation. Relax and kick back! We take care of any negotiation and lease details on your behalf, so your interests are protected in every step of the process.


Move-In & Move-Out Coordination

In order to reduce the risk of miscommunication and disputes over the condition of the property, we perform a detailed pre move-in inspection of the property using a checklist and photography to document the condition of the property. During the tenancy, we enforce all terms of the lease and administer lease renewals, rent increases, notices of lease violations and late notices. We also perform a thorough move-out inspection using photo documentation taken during move-in to ensure the property is in similar condition to move-in minus normal wear and tear. Risk minimization is one of the most important tasks for a property management company.


Property Maintenance & Improvements

We have a transparent policy when it comes to maintenance and improvements. Every owners receives a real-time notification when a work order is submitted. We believe preventative maintenance is the key to maintaining long lasting relationships with our tenants and owners, just as repairs and improvements are the key to maintaining and increasing your investment’s value. If repair work is necessary, we coordinate with our preferred network of vendors and contractors that provide professional work and are cost-effective. We manage the project or repair from start to finish with no third party contractor markups.



Our accounting system is capable of providing all the properties accounting needs. Rents and other fess are meticulously recorded in a timely fashion. We have invested in Owner & Tenant Portals that can be reached 24/7 to review your statements. To keep you up to date on your investment’s performance, we provide monthly financial statements. The financial property report includes a detailed breakdown of income and expenses. Our easy to understand financial statements make it easy to see income and expenses for your property. Owners are provided with a year-end summary and monthly statements for tax purposes.

"We believe communication is one of the most important aspects of property management."
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